You are NOT Just a parent!


I am just a parent… Have you ever heard that before?  Have you ever said it before?  Sure… we as parents have a real power deficit… we have been told we have little power or influence so many times we have begun to believe it.  Well, so did I!  But that was then, this is now.

Originally I had a real lack of confidence and my fighting spirit was in my back pocket… until… until someone began treating my own daughter, my precious little princess with less than respect at school.  Actually, let me back up a little bit — I am the mother of one amazing daughter, Mary, who is half black and half white.  Her Kindergarten teacher made a strange screwed up face when she walked in the door and got very nervous around me (her all white mother). I got it — the atmosphere reeked of prejudice.  So in an unusually assertive moment I marched myself down to the Principal’s office and I complained.  This woman is prejudice against my daughter, I said hysterically, she ignored her, she didn’t greet her, etc., etc.  I took my child out of school until they could find me a better solution.  One week letter I got a call.  The Kindergarten class had mysteriously been divided (seems it was too LARGE anyways) and a younger (more progressive) teacher emerged across the hallway.  She brightened as my daughter approached me, shook my hand with great enthusiasm and ushered my baby girl into her new classroom — she was a smash hit with me — and a great teacher to Mary!

Fast forward to five years ago when I took Parent Leadership Training (or PLTI) and delved deeper into advocacy and assertive posturing for parents.  I always say… they created a monster!  LOL!  We need to create more monsters.  They taught me how to do advocacy and forced me to stand up and give testimony at the Legislature here in Hartford, Connecticut… as well as teaching me how and when to stand up to Teachers, Principals and Boards of Education (BOE) both local and Statewide.

Wow!  I felt the power!  You can too!  I’m here to encourage you to find YOUR VOICE!  I want to help you to gain more confidence and all the best ways to do so!  We’ll take a look at the basics of how to write to the editor, call your legislators, approach your legislators and give testimony either in person or electronically.

After we get through all of that I will also be bringing you service announcements and helping out with how to find and obtain services for you special needs children, working with DCF and more.  So, please sign up and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

God bless, Peace and Namaste!  (Did I forget anyone?) Nice blogging with you…