“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” #prayforparis ~ an update from YWAM Paris


About Paris — Thoughts on how to pray…

YWAM Paris Blog

Every day we are confronted with acts of terror around the world : Beirut, Burundi, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, in places we read about, in places we never hear about. We live in a world of threat levels. In the face of the tragic attacks on Paris last night, our team is touched and absolutely humbled by the outpouring of love and support from around the world.

These attacks hit close to home. We love and frequent the areas that were struck. Our team had spent the evening together eating dinner and enjoying fellowship in one of our homes. Once we received the news, the walks home were filled with prayer and intercession while police sirens wailed all around. We are grateful to have been safe and together during this time.

We may never fully understand why these attacks happen, but we are called to know God’s heart for this situation…

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From: Parent Engagement Blog — Best Parent Research List


There is a substantial amount of research available on parent engagement/involvement, and I thought bringing together a few of the best resources would be useful. You can also see all my parent engagement-related “The Best” lists here.

Here are my picks for The Best Research Available On Parent Engagement:

The Harvard Family Research Project has a wealth of resources.

I discovered a very good article in the “Middle School Journal” that’s about three years old. It’s titled “What Research Says: Varieties of Parent Involvement In Schooling” and was written by Vincent A. Anfara, Jr. & Steven B. Mertens. It gives a good overview of parent involvement research, but what makes this piece particularly unique is its discuss of historical patterns of family involvement in schools over the years.

Awhile back, I wrote a post about a very unusual study. The post, titled Parental Involvement Is Equal To Spending $1,000 More Per Student?, concluded:

“Parental effort is consistently associated with higher levels of achievement, and the magnitude of the effect of parental effort is substantial. We found that schools would need to increase per-pupil spending by more than $1,000 in order to achieve the same results that are gained with parental involvement.”

You can read more about it at that post. Even though it supports my position on the importance of parent engagement, I wrote that I was a little wary of quantifying it in that way.So I contacted Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post about it. She had invited readers to submit research that they had questions about, and she would have other experts review it. Well, she followed through immediately but, for some reason, I missed it then and just by chance discovered what she found. You can read everything she wrote about it here, but this is an excerpt: Continue reading

CRT’s National Arts Program at Capital Gives Artists of All Stripes and Ages Exhibit, Award Opportunities


This will be a wonderful event…are you coming?

Advancement @ Capital

Artist Pre-Registration Deadline January 5, 2014

Capital  Community College will again be the venue for the Community Renewal Team’s (CRT) annual National Arts Program with a winter exhibit and awards ceremony at the 950 Main Street campus.

The campus exhibit runs from January 21-February 9 with a Saturday, January 25th awards ceremony to be held at Centinel Hill Hall, the college’s auditorium.

The National Arts Program, marking its 23rd year with CRT (the region’s community action agency)),  provides an opportunity for local artists to showcase their art within the community. Youth, teens, amateurs, intermediate and professionals from Middlesex and Hartford counties are invited to participate.

All prizes are determined by a panel of judges with experience in the arts. A gallery display will be held at Capital Community College located at 950 Main Street in Hartford, CT. 

No entry fees are charged.

Entry Requirements & Registration
Works in all forms of visual arts are…

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Verse Mapping


Power verses are powerful ways I stay strong…this may work for you too! Let me know…

Verse Mapping Post Printable Free

Our lives are crazy busy and Verse Mapping is just one way we can infuse our day with God’s Word!

First, get out a handy-dandy index card, your Bible and a pen; feel free to use any color you want! {Purple is the best though…but that’s just my own opinion.}

Second, ask God to share with you a verse He would like you to focus on for the day. You can find one in a variety of ways.

  • Bible Study: Use whatever verse provided in your Bible study.
  • Bible Cracking: Close your Bible, open it to a random page, and point to a verse.
  • Concordance {Index}: In the back of your Bible, look up a specific word or topic that God is laying on your heart. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with patience, anger, faith, trust, unkind words, etc. Look up the Bible references pertaining to that topic and choose that…

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You are NOT Just a parent!


I am just a parent… Have you ever heard that before?  Have you ever said it before?  Sure… we as parents have a real power deficit… we have been told we have little power or influence so many times we have begun to believe it.  Well, so did I!  But that was then, this is now.

Originally I had a real lack of confidence and my fighting spirit was in my back pocket… until… until someone began treating my own daughter, my precious little princess with less than respect at school.  Actually, let me back up a little bit — I am the mother of one amazing daughter, Mary, who is half black and half white.  Her Kindergarten teacher made a strange screwed up face when she walked in the door and got very nervous around me (her all white mother). I got it — the atmosphere reeked of prejudice.  So in an unusually assertive moment I marched myself down to the Principal’s office and I complained.  This woman is prejudice against my daughter, I said hysterically, she ignored her, she didn’t greet her, etc., etc.  I took my child out of school until they could find me a better solution.  One week letter I got a call.  The Kindergarten class had mysteriously been divided (seems it was too LARGE anyways) and a younger (more progressive) teacher emerged across the hallway.  She brightened as my daughter approached me, shook my hand with great enthusiasm and ushered my baby girl into her new classroom — she was a smash hit with me — and a great teacher to Mary!

Fast forward to five years ago when I took Parent Leadership Training (or PLTI) and delved deeper into advocacy and assertive posturing for parents.  I always say… they created a monster!  LOL!  We need to create more monsters.  They taught me how to do advocacy and forced me to stand up and give testimony at the Legislature here in Hartford, Connecticut… as well as teaching me how and when to stand up to Teachers, Principals and Boards of Education (BOE) both local and Statewide.

Wow!  I felt the power!  You can too!  I’m here to encourage you to find YOUR VOICE!  I want to help you to gain more confidence and all the best ways to do so!  We’ll take a look at the basics of how to write to the editor, call your legislators, approach your legislators and give testimony either in person or electronically.

After we get through all of that I will also be bringing you service announcements and helping out with how to find and obtain services for you special needs children, working with DCF and more.  So, please sign up and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

God bless, Peace and Namaste!  (Did I forget anyone?) Nice blogging with you…